Welcome to Harav Moyal’s site of spiritual upliftment and awareness.

In a world where we so easily get consumed with our daily routine, it is imperative that we seek spirituality and self fulfillment.

This site came to life for this very purpose. Aish Hachaim or “The fire of life” is what keeps us connected to Hashem and everything else that is important in our daily lives.

This is more than a website, it is a home, it is a place where you can navigate through our special prayers, divrei torah, and tehillim, to help provide you with the tools to ignite your aish and to further fuel the fire inside each one of us. Harav Moyal has made this site possible as an opportunity for us all to immerse ourselves in Torah and loving Hashem.

This site is intended to share with you inspiration from the Rav Shlita, uplift your spirit, and bring the Aish Hachaim “Fire of Life” and Torah back into our souls. If any of you have suggestions how we can continually make the site better please send us an email at info@aishhachaim.org.