It is brought down in the Midrashim and the Zohar Hakadosh that once the soul goes back to “olam haba” it settles in its quarter and enjoys from the shining presence of Hashem. This teaching allows us to understand and define the essence of our soul; to enjoy! Yes, the Torah reveals to us that the ability to enjoy is none other than the expression and the proof of existence of our soul.

To develop further this teaching, we can see the correlation between the nature of the soul which is, as the Torah tells us, “chelek elokah mima’al” (a divine spark of Hashem) and the name of Hashem “Havaya”. If we ask ourselves which portion in time can we really enjoy? The past, present or future? Well the answer is very simple, ONLY the present! Since the past is history and memories and the future is fantasy.

It is very interesting to note that the root of the name of Hashem “Havaya” is “Hoveh” (the present). We can now relate the nature of the neshama, which is a spark of Hashem. The owner of the neshama has an obligation to create and refresh the present to its presence in our life, which manifests itself as a desire of enjoyment.

With time we have realized that the reason people are not happy and cannot grow is because they are locked in their past or focusing on their dream and fantasizing what they didn’t live yet. They aren’t living and ENJOYING the present. This is the reason to all our difficulties!

Our objective since we started our mission 10 years ago is to help people free themselves from the trauma that is haunting their present, ground the ones that live in the future and allow everyone to connect to the unlimited abundance of good Hashem bestows on the world. This has resulted in a drastic change in people’s life such as happiness, better harmony at home in the couple, a growing parnassa, a clearer path in the education of our children, and more…

Hashem has given us the tools to use our soul and enjoy every day of our lives, let’s reveal them together and allow others to live a better life.

e”h Avraham Moyal